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Available since: Gideros 2018.3
Class: Player


Set data to be saved to the designated cloud storage of the current player. The game can store up to 1MB of data for each unique player.



keys-value-pairs: (table) A table containing a set of key-value pairs that should be persisted to cloud storage. The object must contain only serializable values - any non-serializable values will cause the entire modification to be rejected.
callback: (function) A function that will be called with two arguments: true or nil if the operation failed, and an error code if the function failed. NOTE: True does not necessarily mean that the input has already been persisted. Rather, it means that the data was valid and has been scheduled to be saved. It also guarantees that all values that were set are now available in player.getDataAsync



FBInstant.player.setDataAsync({achievements={"medal1","medal2","medal3"},currentLife=300}, function(result,error)
    if result then
		print("data is set")