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Supported platforms: Platform android.pngPlatform ios.pngPlatform mac.pngPlatform pc.png
Available since: Gideros 2011.6


Global scope of Lua environment.


Prints all current global variables:

local function globalVariable()
	for k,v in pairs(_G) do


assert error if v nil or false, otherwise returns v
collectgarbage opts: stop, restart, collect, count, step, setpause, setstepmul
dofile executes as Lua chunk, default stdin, returns value
error terminates protected func, never returns
getfenv gets env, f can be a function or number(stack level)
getmetatable returns metatable of given object, otherwise nil
ipairs returns an iterator function, table t and 0
loadfile loads chunk without execution, returns chunk as function, else nil plus error
loadstring loads string as chunk, returns chunk as function, else nil plus error
next returns next index,value pair, if index=nil(default-, returns first index
pairs returns the next function and table t plus a nil, iterates over all key-value pairs
pcall protected mode call, catches errors, returns status code first
print prints values to stdout using tostring
rawequal non-metamethod v1==v2, returns boolean
rawget non-metamethod get value of table[index], index != nil
rawset non-metamethod set value of table[index], index != nil
require loads package, updates _LOADED, returns boolean
select returns items in a list or number of items in a list
setfenv sets env, f can be a function or number(stack level, default=1-, 0=global env
setmetatable sets metatable, nil to remove metatable
tonumber convert to number, returns number, nil if non-convertible, 2<=base<=36
tostring convert to string, returns string
type returns type of v as a string
unpack returns all elements from list
xpcall pcall function f with new error handler err