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Available since: Gideros 2019.10


A dynamics world is used to automatically simulate the motion of your bodies using the world physics.

Bodies will be automatically moved using collisions, joints and forces. You do not have to move the bodies manually (but you still can if needed).

The dynamics world will contain the bodies and joints that you create. You will then be able to run your simulation across time by updating the world at each frame.

The DynamicsWorld class (which inherits from the CollisionWorld class) represents a dynamics world in the ReactPhysics3D library.


r3d.World.new creates a new world

r3d.World:createBallAndSocketJoint creates a ball and socket joint
r3d.World:createBody creates a new body
r3d.World:createFixedJoint creates a fixed joint
r3d.World:createHingeJoint creates a hinge joint
r3d.World:createSliderJoint creates a slider joint
r3d.World:destroyBody destroys a body
r3d.World:destroyJoint destroys a joint
r3d.World:raycast performs a ray cast on the world
r3d.World:setEventListener sets the event listener for collisions in the world
r3d.World:step steps the world
r3d.World:testAABBOverlap checks if two bodies AABB overlap
r3d.World:testCollision checks collisions
r3d.World:testOverlap checks if two bodies overlap