Your first code

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The Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio

Your first code

Now that you had an overview of Gideros Studio, let's put it all together with a "Hello World" example.

Hello World Console

Start Gideros Studio

Create a new project, give it a name (e.g. HelloWorld), choose a location folder, and click ok


Then, right click on Files in the project panel window and select "Add New File"

Add new file.png

Name it "main.lua" (all projects must have a main.lua file to run)


Double click the main.lua file, then type in the following in the code editor:

print("Hello World")

Now, in the menu bar, select Player → Start Local Player. When the Gideros Player window shows up, the blue Play icon and the red Stop icon become enable.

Click on the Play button and look in the output window at the bottom of Gideros Studio. You will see those three lines:

main.lua is uploading
Uploading finished.
Hello World

Displaying on the Device

Let's display "hello world" to the actual Gideros Player. Type the following in the code editor:

local myTextField =, "Hello World!")
-- Position the text field at coordinates 40, 100
-- Add the text field to the stage

Now, in the menu bar, select Player → Start (or click on the Play button).

See it in action in Gideros Fiddle (link opens in this same tab): Run "Hello World"


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