Hardware and OS

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Hardware and OS

Introduction to hardware system

Getting logical dimensions

Getting device dimensions

Getting system information

Getting and setting orientation

Localization and language

Handling touch and mouse input


The easiest way to detect if the player touches the screen with two fingers, is to control the length of event.allTouches array. If it is 2, then exactly 2 fingers is touching the screen.

local function onTouchesBegin(event)
  local isTwoFinger = (#event.allTouches == 2)



GPS and location


Gideros Studio provides a function for vibration. Consider the following example:


The vibration period is 300 ms for Android. For iOS, device vibrates for a duration which is determined by the operating system.

Disabling screen dimming

Some games may require that player doesn't touch the screen for a long time, e.g. those using accelerometer and gyro to control the actors on the screen. In this case, the screen may dim, depending on the user's activity and device settings. To disable (or enable) screen dimming, use the following commands:

-- disable screen dimming and device sleeping
-- enable screen dimming and device sleeping

Note: this function has no effect on desktop player.

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