Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Class: string


Finds the first match of the regular expression "pattern" in "str", starting at position "index". The starting position (index) is optional, and defaults to 1 (the start of the string).

If found, returns any captures in the pattern. If no captures were specified the entire matching string is returned. If not found, returns nil.

(string) = string.match(string,pattern)

note: this is similar to string.find, except that the starting and ending index are not returned.


string: (String) any string
pattern: (String) specifies the pattern to match

Return values

Returns (string) string matching pattern


print (string.match ("You see dogs and cats", "s..")) -- see
-- checks if a string contains any letters
local mystring = "0123456"
print(mystring:match("%a")) -- false