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Supported platforms: Platform android.pngPlatform ios.pngPlatform mac.pngPlatform pc.pngPlatform html5.pngPlatform winrt.pngPlatform win32.png
Available since: Gideros 2011.6
Inherits from: TextureBase


The TexturePack class specifies a texture pack (or texture atlas). A texture atlas is a large image which contains many smaller sub-images.

Gideros supports dynamic creation of texture atlases and pre-packed texture atlasses by using "Gideros Texture Packer" tool.

Dynamic Creation of Texture Packs

To create a texture pack dynamically (at run-time), create TexturePack object with a table of file names of textures.

local pack = TexturePack.new({"1.png", "2.png", "3.png", "4.png"})

Static Creation of Texture Packs

To create a pre-packed texture atlas, use "Gideros Texture Packer" tool:

Texture packer.png

This tool exports two files: A .txt file that specifies the positions of texture regions and a .png file of packed texture.

Use these two files to create texture pack:

local pack = TexturePack.new("pack.txt", "pack.png")


TexturePack.new creates a new TexturePack object
TexturePack:getTextureRegion returns the texture region of texture pack