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Supported platforms: Platform android.pngPlatform ios.pngPlatform mac.pngPlatform pc.pngPlatform html5.pngPlatform winrt.pngPlatform win32.png
Available since: Gideros 2017.8
Inherits from: Object


Screen class allows to access secondary displays or windows.

Methods Open a new screen
Screen:clear Sets the background color of this screen
Screen:getId Returns the screen's id
Screen:getMaxSize Returns the maximum size this screen can have
Screen:getPosition Returns the position of this screen
Screen:getSize Returns the size of this screen
Screen:getState Returns the state of this screen
Screen:setPosition Sets the position of this screen, if possible.
Screen:setSize Sets the size of this screen, if possible.
Screen:setState Sets the state of this screen, if possible.