Save the Martians!

Cute little Martians falling to a fiery death... Can you save them all?

Play for an out of this world, tap to play, action and save the little cute Martians from a fiery death.

Note: No actual Martians were harmed during the making of this game.

User requirements: Fast reactions, Luck and Skill !!!

The perfect casual, yet addictive, game to play when you have a few moments to spare.

Can you save more than your friends?

Save the Martians as they plummet down to Earth with your flying saucer's tractor beam - don't miss!

Completely free to play!

One life for the entire game - yes, that's all you get as the action gets faster and harder.

Ever increasing difficulty - how many can you save?

The official sequel to 'What Rhymes With Martians?'.


  • Cute colourful Martians!
  • Great graphics and sound effects.
  • Increasing difficulty.
  • One life!
  • Rocks!
  • Achievements and leaderboard.
  • Saved hiscore.
  • Keyboard support.
  • Joypad support.

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