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Available since: Gideros 2016.04
Class: Path2D


Set path to draw, using string with commands represented as:

  • M - MoveTo, 2 values (x,y)
  • L - LineTo, 2 values (x,y)
  • Q - QuadTo, 4 values (c0x,c0y,x,y)
  • C - CubicTo, 6 values (c0x,c0y,c1x,c1y,x,y)
  • H - Horzontal Line, 1 value (x)
  • V - Vertical Line, 1 value (y)
  • A - ArcTo, 7 values (r1,r2,angle,largeArc,sweep,x,y)
  • Z - Close, no parameter
  • * - repeat last command until all coordinates are exhausted

and provided coordinates as table or simply arguments

 Path2D:setPath(commands,coordinates,more coordinates)


commands: (string) list of commands as ML**Z expecting according coordinates
coordinates: (table or number) lua table with coordinates for each command, in the same order as commands
more coordinates: (number) if second argument is not table, you can provide more coordinates as separate arguments optional


Drawing Moon

local ms="MQQZ" --MoveTo, QuadTo, QuadTo, Close
local mp={100,0, -50,100, 100,200, 20,100, 100,0 }
p:setPath(ms,mp) --Set the path from a set of commands and coordinates
p:setLineThickness(3) -- Outline width
p:setFillColor(0xE0E0E0,0.7) --Fill color
p:setLineColor(0xC0C0C0) --Line color