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Available since: Gideros 2012.09
Value: requestPurchaseComplete
Defined by: GoogleBilling


Dispatched when GoogleBilling:requestPurchase function completes with these response codes: GoogleBilling.USER_CANCELED indicates that the user pressed the back button on the checkout page instead of buying the item. GoogleBilling.SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE indicates that the network connection is down. GoogleBilling.BILLING_UNAVAILABLE indicates that in-app billing is not available because the API version that you specified is not recognized by the Google Play application or the user is ineligible for in-app billing (for example, the user resides in a country that prohibits in-app purchases). GoogleBilling.ITEM_UNAVAILABLE indicates that Google Play cannot find the requested item in the application's product list. GoogleBilling.DEVELOPER_ERROR Indicates that an application is trying to make an in-app billing request but the application has not declared the com.android.vending.BILLING permission in its manifest. Can also indicate that an application is not properly signed, or that you sent a malformed request, such as a request with missing Bundle keys or a request that uses an unrecognized request type. GoogleBilling.ERROR indicates an unexpected server error. For example, this error is triggered if you try to purchase an item from yourself, which is not allowed by Google Wallet.


productId: (string) your given id of the product purchased
responseCode: (string) response code.
productType: (string) type of the product purchased
developerPayload: (string) A developer-specified string that can be specified when you make a purchase request.