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Available since: Gideros 2015.04.18
Class: zlib


Return a deflate stream.

(stream) = zlib.deflate(sink,level,method,windowBits,memLevel,strategy,dictionary)


sink: (function or table) function | { write: function [, close: function, flush: function ] },
level: (number) compression level, 0 no compression, 9 best compression, -1 default compression optional
method: (number) compression method, should be 8 for this version optional
windowBits: (number) from 8 to 15, larger values of this parameter result in better compression at the expense of memory usage optional
memLevel: (number) 1 uses minimum memory but is slow and reduces compression ratio; 9 uses maximum memory for optimal speed optional
strategy: (number) 1 - Filtered, 2 - Huffman, 3 - RLE, 4 - Fixed, 0 - default optional
dictionary: (string) compression dictionary optional

Return values

Returns (stream) deflate stream