What Does What

From GiderosMobile

Gideros internally is divided into several sections.

Here are the names of the main libraries within Gideros and what they do:

Name Description
2DSG The graphics engine, that's where sprite implementations are
LuaBindings The wrappers between Lua and gideros internals
GID Helpers (textures, images, sound) and platform dependant code
GVFS Virtual file system
LUA The Lua engine itself

This is a breakdown valid for HTML5 only:

Library Description
CORE The graphics library
LBND Lua binders
LFRT Freetype
LGID Helpers (texture caching, wrappers, etc)
LGVFS Filesystem
LJPG JPG support
LMP3 MP3 support
LPNG PNG support
LXMP MOD player
LSUP Everything else!