Helping With Documentation

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To help with documentation please contact one of the following members of the Gideros Forum for access. You will need to give them a valid e-mail address and be a trusted member of the forum.

For consistency all documentation should be in English. Translations can be made to other languages.

You cannot save edits or add translations until you have proper access.

Forum members who can give you create/edit access to the documentation

  • @SinisterSoft
  • @Hgy29

Editing a page and dealing with the translation system

The system uses a markup system language to show things like headers, lists, etc. Here is some help with how to use the markup language:

In the markup language documentation it shows internal links with double square brackets:

[[link to other page]]

But because we have translation you have to do it a slightly different way:

[[Special:MyLanguage/link to other page|<translate>link to other page</translate>]]

This will pass along the language you see from one page to another and also mark the link text for translation. If you have links within a block that is marked with a translate 'tag' then there is no need to also put the translate tag in the actual link (it's not allowed).

Once a page has been made and it has the translate tags on it then you will see a 'mark for translation' link.