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Available since: Gideros 2023.1


A UI Library for Gideros made of a plethora of widgets.

UI.Builder allows for building complex UI layouts.

  In order to use Gideros UI Library, you have to link or include the two following folders to your project:
  * Library/ui
  * Library/luashaders
  The folders are available in your Gideros installation folder (UI Library depends on luashaders)


In init.lua

UI=UI or {}

local fontfile = "fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf"
local fontfilebold = "fonts/OpenSans-Bold.ttf"

UI.Default = {
		["font"]={ ttf=fontfile, size=0.8 },
		["font.small"]={ ttf=fontfile, size=0.5 },
		["font.bold"]={ ttf=fontfilebold },

In your game


-- a Button
local button=UI.Button.new()
button:setDimensions(64, 48)

function button:onWidgetAction()
	print("Hello Gideros UI")



UI.Accordion creates a UI accordion
UI.Animation creates UI animations
UI.Bar creates a Bar widget
UI.Behavior manages widget behavior
UI.Border creates a Border widget
UI.BreadCrumbs creates a BreadCrumbs widget
UI.Builder builds layout interfaces
UI.Button creates Button widgets
UI.Calendar creates Calendar widgets
UI.Checkbox creates Checkbox widgets
UI.Combobox creates Combobox widgets
UI.ImageText creates an ImageText widget
UI.Keyboard creates a Keyboard widget
UI.Label creates a Label widget
UI.Panel creates a Panel widget
UI.Progress creates Progress widgets
UI.Slider creates Slider widgets
UI.Spinner creates a Spinner widget
UI.Splitpane creates a Splitpane widget
UI.TabbedPane creates a TabbedPane widget
UI.Table creates a Table widget
UI.TextField creates TextField widgets
UI.TimePicker creates a TimePicker widget
UI.Toolbox creates a Toolbox widget
UI.Tree creates a Tree widget
UI.Viewport creates a Viewport widget
UI.WeekSchedule creates a WeekSchedule widget