Available since: Gideros 2020.9
Class: ImGui


Displays 4 int drag sliders, side by side.

(number), (number), (number), (number), (bool) =
  ImGui:dragInt4(label, value1, value2, value3, value4, [incStep=1, min=0, max=0, formatString="%d",


label: (string) the label
value1: (number) the current 1st value
value2: (number) the current 2nd value
value3: (number) the current 3rd value
value4: (number) the current 4th value
incStep: (number) the increment step
min: (number) the min value
max: (number) the max value
formatString: (string) the format of the value
ImGuiSliderFlags: (number) the drag slider flag

Return values

Returns (number) the current 1st value
Returns (number) the current 2nd value
Returns (number) the current 3rd value
Returns (number) the current 4th value
Returns (bool) whether one of the current values has changed