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Available since: Gideros 2011.6


math table holds most commonly used math functions and constants.


math.abs returns absolute value of v
math.acos returns arc cosine value of v in radians
math.asin returns arc sine value of v in radians
math.atan returns arc tangent value of v in radians
math.atan2 returns arc tangent value of v1/v2 in radians
math.ceil returns smallest integer >= v
math.clamp returns a number between min and max, inclusive
math.cos returns cosine value of angle rad
math.deg returns angle in degrees of radians rad
math.exp returns e^v
math.floor returns largest integer <= v
math.fmod returns remainder of v1/v2 which is v1 - iV2 for some integer i
math.frexp returns mantissa [0.5,1- and exponent values of v
math.ldexp returns v1*2^v2
math.log returns natural logarithm of v
math.log10 returns logarithm 10 of v
math.max returns maximum in a list of one or more values
math.min returns minimum in a list of one or more values
math.pow returns v1 raised to the power of v2
math.rad returns angle in radians of degrees deg
math.random returns random real [0,1-, integer [1,n] or real [1,u](with n=1-
math.randomseed sets seed for pseudo-random number generator
math.sin returns sine value of angle rad
math.sqrt returns square root of v
math.tan returns tangent value of angle rad
vector vectors

Gideros specific methods

math.length returns the length of a vector
math.cross returns the cross product of two vectors returns the dot product of two vectors
math.distance returns the distance between two points
math.distances returns the distances between a point and a set of points
math.nearest returns the nearest point from a list
math.normalize normalize a vector
math.raycast returns intersections between a ray and a set of shapes
math.inside returns wether a point is inside a shape
math.edge returns the nearest point on the edge of a shape